The EVI heat pump able to work at -25°C is officially launched

Aug 19,2015

The EVI heat pump able to work at -25°C is officially launched 

After year's research, development and test, Real power's new product EVI air source heat pump is officially put into the market. The Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) technology is adopted on this new heat pump, so we also call it EVI heat pump.

As we have experienced, the minimum working temperature of the conventional air source heat pump is only -10°C and the heat performance sharply decreases in the very cold winter. Our EVI air source heat pump has overcomed this difficulty successfully . The EVI air source heat pump can work at -25°C the minimum and work efficiently even at -10°C and -15°C. It can supply the hot water up to 50°C even in the very cold winter. 

With EVI air source heat pump, we can enjoy the comfortable heating and hot water all the year around.

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